Sunday, January 6, 2013

October in pictures Part 1

We had a busy October, getting the land ready for winter as well as ourselves.
We started the month of with a nice long nature walk to collect supplies for making fall themed crafts. When we go for our nature walks we always include plant and tree identification and sometimes when we are lucky animal signs. On this day we found an area were deer bed down.
An assortment of natural art supplies all from our land
Bug used them as natural stamps to make leaf rubbings and for a collage.
Bug making a leaf rubbing
Then the day became very windy and Bug spent some time playing with the Air Elementals
Bug playing with the Sylphs
We spent alot of time getting the land ready for winter...
Strawberries were put in the ground ready to be bedded down for the winter
Reinforcing the fencing around the pig pen
Zed's girlfriends parents raise pigs and gifted us two, we will feed them our excess compost and butcher them in the spring. The minions feed them and make sure they have bedding, plus check the fencing on a regular basis. It is a good starter cause in the spring we will be getting two lambs another piglet plus chickens and rabbits.
The pathway down to the sacred spring and ancestor alter was cleared out better and Zed and King Connaher carved out natural stairs into the ravine wall to make it easier for Gramma to get down to those areas.
Stairs carved into the ravine wall

King Connaher switched it up a bit and had Willowtree dye his hair bright red
The Bug spent a day as a warrior wizard. Her costume choice for Samhain this year.
Some night time stargazing in the hottub
We made iron on transfer T-shirts, this was the first time Bug has used an iron so we had a iron safety lesson first.
Bugs finished shirt
I believe you are never to old to finger paint and I showed Bug that it is not just for babies lol
Bug also got some Moon sand, she spent alot of time playing with it, It is really cool like a sandy play dough that never dries out.
We found this really cool grow your own Lavender plant kit.
I asked Bug if she would like to plant it right away and put it in the window she said "No plants are planted in the spring I think we should wait." So we will wait till spring :)
We went to the Witches market in Edmonton and the Old Strathcona farmers market and bought all sorts of fun things. Enough that it warranted it's own blog post Witches market blog post 
On our way from one market to the other we saw a peaceful prayer protest by Buddhist monks against organ harvesting from Tibetan citizens and monks. It was a hard thing for the minions to see but really opened their eyes to how our countries are so very different.
Then we were in full Samhain mode! Decorating....
Costume choices..
Willowtree wants to be a black cat

Zeddicus wants to be a bunny
Bug making her Day of the Dead skull 

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