Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crystals that relieve menstrual cramps

I am not big on pills! Never have been. I prefer herbal and alternative healing. I believe that my body is my souls sacred vessel and I must try to keep it as close to Mother Earth as possible to stay in tune. My journey of learning around the bodies health alone has been decades long but one thing I know is that when I find something that works for me I stick to it. I have tried over the years many things for my terrible menstrual cramps and alot of them helped but never really took the pain away. Crystal healing is something I have studied and practiced for years and I am a big fan! I don't know many witchy types that aren't. In my learning I discovered  a powerhouse for relieving menstrual cramps and I want to share it with you. Carnelian, Chrysocolla and Garnet.
Menstrual cramp relieving powerhouse

I carry this trio in my pants pocket on either side. I also wear a Chrysocolla pendant and Garnet gem string necklace during my moon time.
My Chrysocolla pendant. It was made by the very talented Angelique over at Sacred realms
Chrysocolla is well known for it's healing properties when it comes to menstrual cramps and PMS, it is also great for reducing mental tension and bringing tranquility, harmony and peace.
This piece of Chrysocolla was a gift from my son Zed
Carnelian is a Leo power stone and I happen to be a Leo so it may be why it works so well for me. I have seen a few references to it helping menstrual problems but it does not seem to be it's main use. It is a sacral chakra stone tho so it makes sense it would help.
My Carnelian is not photogenic and it took 4 pics to get one in focus lol
Garnet is also a Leo power stone and I have used it alot to help me keep my sharp temper from flaring when out in crowds or in high stress situations. It is another one that is mentioned only in passing when it comes to menstrual problems. It revitalises, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity so I think it is perfect for helping with PMS :)
String of garnets necklace my Mom brought me back from Mexico
Garnet. I have a few the same rough size and shape, perfect pocket stone size.
I know this combo works for myself and my oldest daughter I hope it works as well for you. May your day be a Magickal one!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Awsome product alert!

Awesome product alert is something new I am going to try :) Recently we found a cool book that Bug really had fun with and learned alot from and I thought Wow other homeschoolers should know about this and that is how this post was born! So from time to time when we find something really cool we will let you know :)
Now on to the show.....
We found this book at the Dollarama for 3 dollars
 This was our awesome find of the day :) Very durable cardboard pages with little magnetic flags to fill in spaces on the pages that tell you all about the countries. The back has flags for all of the countries of the world divided by continent.
Back page

A look at one of the pages.
Very high re read value and my older minions had a lot of fun with is as well. I know it will get alot of use in our house!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yule 2012

I woke up before the sun rose so I could greet the newborn Sun king with praise in song. Then I went inside and made a few batches of scones for my family to wake up to. The minions stockings were put at the ends of their beds and I could hear their happy giggles and exclamations of surprise as I finished preparing breakfast. We converged in the living room and ate warm bacon cheddar, blueberry and chai scones and drank spicy Mayan hot chocolate as we sat in a big circle and started to open gifts.  I will feature some of the highlights and all of the witchy gifts for sure :) The minions received alot of presents this year and Hubby and I were very spoiled as our oldest three are all working and very generous.
Yule morning
Bug opening her new bow

New B.O.S for me :)

Our main bathroom is done in an ocean theme, this was the perfect addition, from Gramma :)
New book for Moi! :)
Bugs favorite game is Little big planet she was so happy

Another new book this one was from Mom and you have no idea the impact it had opening it :) The Morrigan has been whispering to me for some time now and now she is starting to shout. Trust me I am paying attention!!
New leather bracers for Hubby

Fuzzy rainbow legwarmers and funky panda toppers for Willowtree
Some of King Connahers favorite gifts. His new hat and necklace it is a red dragons eye and he is holding a dragon skull carved out of Red Jasper.
Cerridwen stirring her cauldron she will look perfect in the spellroom
Amazing Goddess earrings from Hubby
Happy Gramma loves her gift from the Minions. It was a stone cat statue.
Epic motivational sign for Hubby
All that gift giving tired Zeddicus right out
Slouch hat for Willowtree
Zeds new composite bow and he is sporting a new slouch hat as well in rasta colors

Bugs new bow
Maiden Mother Crone tapestry from my nephew

Goddess moon phase flag from my nephew
Bugs epic new boots from Auntie
A micro brewery for The Oldest
The minions were also gifted with a Root beer making kit and passes to the West Edmonton Mall water park. Hubby and I also received a micro brewery. I am looking forward to experimenting with herbal beers this spring and summer :) We spent the day enjoying each others company. In the evening we gathered around the feast table in total darkness and gave thanks for the return of the light, a single spark ignited a flame and the light was celebrated into the night with much feasting and libation :)

Yule decorations

This year I added a few new decorations to the Yule collection. Plus I am going to show you a few of my favorites :) Our Yule decorations are very nature themed and very pagan, all four elements are represented on our tree as well as many seasonal symbols.
Yule gnome :)
Isn't he adorable :) I got this skiing gnome and a gnome ornament like him for the tree as the newest additions to my Yule decor collection.
Gnome tree ornament.
Ceramic Ptarmigans
 These were a gift from a very dear friend. They remind me of where I grew up in the North west territories.
Candy Joy

Ceramic Yule candle holder.  I love this piece!! I found it at the local second hand store I was so thrilled. It says 1972 on the bottom the year I was born.

Gold glass maple leaf. A gift from my Mom two years ago
Green glass leaf. I have multiples of these I found them on clearance at wal mart a few years ago. I couldn't believe my luck. I have them in brown and silver too

Another lucky clearance find from about four years ago Pine cones. I got six bunches at 50 cents a piece. I love to shop for Yule decorations after the season is over and everything is on clearance :)

one of the brown glass leaves

I bought these almost 20 years ago. Silver for the Goddess and Gold for the God. I bought six of each at the time and only have two of each left :(

Gold for the God. They ring like bells :)

Glittery little birds

Father Yule. Meadow keeps insisting we put an eye patch on him lol


Willowtree and I made these shell ornaments when she was very little.
I just really love the word JOY

Raven reminds us of our ancestors and the darkness they feared at this time of year.

Glittery red apple. The Apple is a Goddess symbol and a very special symbol in the tradition we practice. I have alot of apple ornaments on the tree in red, green, silver and gold

Ceramic bat ornaments remind us of the darkness of this time of year

Holly ornament

Fae bells to honor the Fae

I have these in pink as well they are to represent the minions :)

Oak ornament
Yule tree 2012
Yule mantle
Evergreen and holly garlands bedeck the house inside and out and many ornamental snowflakes and icicles hang from the ceilings and doorways as we welcome back the light!