Friday, January 18, 2013

Awsome product alert!

Awesome product alert is something new I am going to try :) Recently we found a cool book that Bug really had fun with and learned alot from and I thought Wow other homeschoolers should know about this and that is how this post was born! So from time to time when we find something really cool we will let you know :)
Now on to the show.....
We found this book at the Dollarama for 3 dollars
 This was our awesome find of the day :) Very durable cardboard pages with little magnetic flags to fill in spaces on the pages that tell you all about the countries. The back has flags for all of the countries of the world divided by continent.
Back page

A look at one of the pages.
Very high re read value and my older minions had a lot of fun with is as well. I know it will get alot of use in our house!

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