Tuesday, January 8, 2013

November in pictures

November started with a snowstorm and life changed on the acreage. It was now harder to get everywhere! We are lucky that we live close to an important rural highway that gets plowed early in the morning before Daddy has to get to work.

First snowstorm on the acreage
Willowtree shoveling snow off the side deck
Yin and yang symbol in my green tea :)
In a pagans world signs mean ALOT. This was my morning green tea on a cold November day.
Willowtree and her puppy Whiskey
In May of last year my Zoe had puppies, Willowtree was allowed to keep one and she chose Whiskey :) He is full of personality and keeps her very busy. She has taught him to do a few tricks and plans to build him an agility course this spring. He is her best friend and very very protective of her :) the perfect companion.
Willowtree alphabetized the spell components in the spell room. What a great way to practice.

Willowtrees deep hair conditioner
 We had a spa day and did facials, deep hair treatments, manicures and body scrubs. All of the products used were made by us :) It is something that we have started doing on a monthly basis.
Ginger snaps
As always lots of baking is done in our house. These are Willowtrees famous ginger snaps she has perfected this recipe and made it uniquely her own.
Eco dome habitat
Bug got a surprise in the mail a eco dome habitat that has three different habitats one for frogs, one for bugs and an Ant hill. She can't wait till spring to find a frog to live in it. She put it together all by herself.
King Connaher had a cord of wood to stack.
Bug helped him out
With the snow came tobogganing. We love winter games :)
King Connaher and Bug tobogganing
Mom gets in on the fun too!
Bug did a photo of Missy Moo

Such a cutie. Bug took 23 pics and I am not going to post them all lol
The Photographer self portrait
Bug lighting a Palo santo smudge
Bug was honored to be able to smudge the spellroom on her own for the Full Moon this month. She did an excellent job :) Fire safety is important and she is always reminded that Fire has a mind of its own.
Candle spells and protection bottle
As a family we designed a Witch bottle spell that we did on the Full moon this month. It is a protection ward as well as draws harmony, abundance, happiness and prosperity to our family. We had fun with this project and will do similar ones I am sure.
More on signs :) when ever I do a candle spell I always read the wax for omens. The Minions love doing this.
                                  What do you see??  We saw rabbits, a pregnant lady, the Goddess, horses, a turtle and a duck.
The many looks of King Connaher

Rocking the stash

He does quite the accent to go with this one.

Willowtree has taken a fascination in movie makeup and King Connaher with his love of theatrics and accent of the day loves it. They have spent hours doing costume and makeup effects.

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