Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crystals that relieve menstrual cramps

I am not big on pills! Never have been. I prefer herbal and alternative healing. I believe that my body is my souls sacred vessel and I must try to keep it as close to Mother Earth as possible to stay in tune. My journey of learning around the bodies health alone has been decades long but one thing I know is that when I find something that works for me I stick to it. I have tried over the years many things for my terrible menstrual cramps and alot of them helped but never really took the pain away. Crystal healing is something I have studied and practiced for years and I am a big fan! I don't know many witchy types that aren't. In my learning I discovered  a powerhouse for relieving menstrual cramps and I want to share it with you. Carnelian, Chrysocolla and Garnet.
Menstrual cramp relieving powerhouse

I carry this trio in my pants pocket on either side. I also wear a Chrysocolla pendant and Garnet gem string necklace during my moon time.
My Chrysocolla pendant. It was made by the very talented Angelique over at Sacred realms
Chrysocolla is well known for it's healing properties when it comes to menstrual cramps and PMS, it is also great for reducing mental tension and bringing tranquility, harmony and peace.
This piece of Chrysocolla was a gift from my son Zed
Carnelian is a Leo power stone and I happen to be a Leo so it may be why it works so well for me. I have seen a few references to it helping menstrual problems but it does not seem to be it's main use. It is a sacral chakra stone tho so it makes sense it would help.
My Carnelian is not photogenic and it took 4 pics to get one in focus lol
Garnet is also a Leo power stone and I have used it alot to help me keep my sharp temper from flaring when out in crowds or in high stress situations. It is another one that is mentioned only in passing when it comes to menstrual problems. It revitalises, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity so I think it is perfect for helping with PMS :)
String of garnets necklace my Mom brought me back from Mexico
Garnet. I have a few the same rough size and shape, perfect pocket stone size.
I know this combo works for myself and my oldest daughter I hope it works as well for you. May your day be a Magickal one!


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