Thursday, January 10, 2013

December in pictures

We started December off with a trip to the famous West Edmonton Mall. We spent most of the day in Galaxyland. Bug had her first roller coaster ride :) She screamed the whole time but said she enjoyed it afterwards lol
Bug and Zed on the Carousal at West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland
we did some shopping as well and found some cool new fruits and foods at the T&T Asian market. We brought home Rambutan, Salak AKA Snake fruit, Long Kong, Jack fruit and stocked up on Green tea ice cream a family favorite. Green tea cakes and coffee jello were also bought to try. We are big fans of trying new foods and enjoyed all of them except for the Jack fruit no one really cared for its flavor or texture. We went online and found out what countries they grew in and how they are usually prepared. It was a very fun day and we were all exhuasted at the end of it!
Willowtree learned how to make the perfect Alfredo sauce from scratch

Getting into the festive season. Zeddicus the reindeer
Bug decorated the tree herself this year but was not tall enough to put the topper on with out help :)
Working together to master a game online
Yule tree 2012
King Connaher recently decided to go vegetarian. It was a spiritual choice and we support him 100%
He was craving meatloaf and to make it easier on him I have been trying to re create some of his favorite foods as vegetarian. The meatless meatloaf was a huge success!! It was delicious really close in flavor and texture to my meatloaf.
Close up of the vegetarian meatloaf
Making snow angels
More sledding fun
We dried apples to hang on the outside trees for the birds that stay the winter
So far at our feeder we have seen Chickadees, blue jays, nuthatches and woodpeckers
We made gifts for Yule
We made melt away shower disks, sugar scrub, bath melts, incense and thieves oil. Some of these were kept for the house but most were packaged up and given away to the special people in our world for Yule.
Gramma gave us a lesson in making jewelry
For Yule Zed bought a necklace and earrings for his Aunt at the local second hand store. We decided to upcycle it and make her something unique. One of Grammas hobbies is making jewelry so she offered to give us a quick lesson. The girls watched as I made Auntie a necklace and earrings. They really enjoyed it and we will be making more in the New year.
Finished necklace for Auntie Karla
We painted the kitchen
I wanted pumpkin orange but the closest we could find was from the Sesame Street collection called Ernnnnie!!! LOL I love it tho it is exactly what I wanted :) I am going to go with a total Autumn theme in the kitchen.
Terra in my bed Yule morning, she is what my husband woke up to LOL
The whole family was home for Yule which was a wonderful surprise because we had thought our oldest would be away working in the mountains but he surprised us a few days before Yule it was so awesome!!
I woke very early Yule morning to greet the newborn sun then went in to make our traditional bacon and cheddar scones. I also so made chai and blueberry scones so the veggie eaters in the house had an alternative. We opened the gifts and spent the day together. My sister and nephews came in the early evening we had a family ritual then feasted and made merry well into the night :) Our Yule was as it should be full of abundance and light. The minions received a Root beer making kit so that is an adventure we will be undertaking very soon. Zed and Bug also received Composite bows as they have both taken a fierce interest in archery. This pleases me :) I took archery lessons as a kid and loved it and I think the whole family will get bitten by the archery bug eventually! We hope your Yule was magickal one!

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