Saturday, July 9, 2011

Natural Learning Natural Magick

Zed turned 18 on Imbolc this year. At the end of February he moved out on his own. Regina, Saskatchewan is along way from home and he has not been back to visit yet. He is planning on coming in September but that is a long way away and his baby sister Bug is missing him something fierce. The other day she brought down her globe from her room got a large piece of paper and started working away at the table. I asked her what she was up to and she told me that she had to make the globe into a map so that she could scry for her brother.

Right there geography lesson in the works inspired by who The Bug herself natural learning at its best! When she was done her map she went and got one of her magickal pendants and proceeded to scry for her brother.  Now in her seven years she has seen myself, her sister and her aunts scry and use pendulums for
various things I never realized how closely she paid attention and Wow! did she make her Mama proud :)

After a few minutes I suggested that we make a map of Canada instead of the world because that would narrow it down and may make it easier. So we roughed out a map of Canada and she started again and BAM down goes her pendant right in the middle of lower Saskatchewan she turned to me beaming and said "Found him Mom!" and I stood there filled with so much pride and said "You sure did sweetie!" Magick comes so easy to the innocent.