Monday, January 7, 2013

October in pictures Part 2

Day of the dead skulls were a hit :) I picked up styrofoam skulls from the dollar store and a few large packs of self sticking rhinestones in multiple colors and we had lots of paint and glitter at home. We spent sometime looking at decorated skulls online then began our own.
Dollar store skulls ready to be made sacred

Markers work well too

It's a start

Bug decorating away
My finished Day of the Dead skull. It sits on the ancestor alter now.

Bug's finished skull
Willowtree's finished skull
One of our favorite ways to exercise is dancing. I do multiple forms, Willowtree is a bellydancer and Bug loves Jumpstyle!!! I have no worries of her not getting enough exercise lol when you see her jumpstyle you wonder were she can get so much energy for such a prolonged time lol
Bug practicing her Jumpstyle

The pics are blurry cause she is all over the place lol

She is going to be quite the dancer
The night we carved pumpkins the whole family was home for a change. This does not happen much anymore with the boys all working and Willowtrees social life being as busy as it is!
Ready to carve her Samhain Pumpkin
Big brother King Connaher lends a hand
Pulling out the guts is always the messy part lol We save all the seeds and roast them for a yummy snack later
Happily carving away
Finished Pumpkin Ooogie Boogie

Bugs demon pumpkin
On Samhain eve everyone went with Daddy to take Bug trick or treating. All of the minions except Bug are to old to trick or treat anymore but they sure love to take her :) I stayed home just in case we had some goulies show up for candy out here on the acreage. No such luck tho :( first time in my history that we have had no trick or treaters.
Bug all dressed up as a dark sorceress
Home with her loot.
Then it was time to celebrate the real meaning of Samhain....The beloved dead. We made offerings and said prayers at the Ancestor alter. Then we remembered our beloved dead with stories and sharing our favorite memories of them.
Offerings of Scotch and Jager were made and a plate of food from our feast was put out on the step for those wandering
Then we feasted!! As per tradition this supper is held in total silence.
Jello brain and pumpkins
Pomegranate liquor so prefect for Samhain

My cute little Jack o lantern stuffed peppers
This very special plate belongs to the ancestors and is used for their feast offerings
My witchy self :)
Zeddicus decided to help us with some baking lol stuck his nose right in the flour
and that was October in our house. I hope yours was as fun :)

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