Thursday, March 7, 2013

February in pictures

February started with Zed turning 20!! I am still having a hard time with the small amount of time that you get your babies before they are all grown :( It seems only yesterday he was a toddler playing in the fields and surprising me with his way too old wisdom. Now he has grown into an amazing young man with a thirst for adventure and the offbeat, a way with animals that is uncanny and a tender healers spirit to match it and he still continues to display a wisdom far beyond his years. 

We had a home crystal party. Everyone in our home has a love for crystals. I have studied and used them for years and so has my Mom. The Minions have been around them and used them since birth. When we decided to have the party we discussed what type of crystals everyone wanted and how they were going to pay for them. The boys have jobs so they have learned to budget and saved the money they thought they would need. Willowtree and Bug were told they could earn money by doing extra chores and did so as well. So when the party came they were very excited. They made wise choices and did not get everything they wanted for various reasons but all were happy.
Crystal party display
Imbolc was celebrated from the 1st to the 3rd. As per tradition we made candles and healing balms.
Bug rolling a beeswax candle
The crystal party and Imbolc were big events in our world and have their very own blog posts!

West Edmonton Mall Water park
We spend the day at the West Edmonton Mall water park. At Yule the Oldest gave us all passes as a gift and what a great gift it was!! We had so much fun!! Big hugs to the Oldest!
Bug loved the water slides
We celebrated love!
 We always encourage love in our world. We have regular spa days to show our self love. We try and show each other our appreciation and love regularly. One day a year society chooses to celebrated love, personally I think it should be a daily thing but hey it is a reason to go all out :) We create an altar and spend the day expressing our love for each other and the world we live in!
Our Love altar
The dessert I made for my family to celebrate love this year  :)
Fun Imbolc craft

Rainbow on clouds made for Bug by a time travelling entertainer at the Witches market.
Willowtree practicing her self defense
Willowtree started a girls self defense class. Her Dad and brothers help her practice her skills at home.
Bug has started to really like puzzles and spiderman

I went to the dollar store and picked up some new puzzles to keep Bug interested.
We continue to learn sculpting skills

Bug loves to play with food related toys. These little kits are cheap and have tons of play value.
New furniture
Spring flowers. The Hyacinth are for my Dad.
 Every year we would buy my Dad at least one Hyacinth plant for his birthday, he loved them. Since he passed I have continued this tradition in memory of him.
We remembered Dad/Grampa on his birthday. Candle lit and a shot of good Scotch on the Ancestor alter. Happy Birthday Daddy :)
Sculpting with pipecleaners. We sure are having fun with our sculpting adventures.

Yarn art

Origami is sculpting with paper :)
Funky nails for Willow tree.
 These ones are press ons but she is learning how to do gel nails with Gramma and has done some pretty cool nail art for her as well. I will have to remember to get a pic next time.
The baby Dachshunds are as big as their Momma. They are quite the handful as well, I call them my pack of horrible hounden :) My family calls me the crazy Dachshund lady! Momma Zoe is on the far right.