Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Red Drum

This year I was gifted something very special by my wonderful sons for Yule. Yes, I got it early! With jokes about the end of the world LOL boys!

This drum is special and holds so much meaning for me in so many ways. It was custom made by a Bee Priestess from B.C. Check out her beautiful Drums and other sacred tools over at Red Moon Designs

Bees hold a very sacred place in my practice they are the messengers of the Goddess. I was taught at a young age by my Mom how to whisper to the bees and like her have the ability to hold them with ease. Although I am very allergic to honey the Bees and I have a wonderful relationship.
Its deep red color is the color of blood, the power of woman is in her blood. A Mother receives her greatest gifts with blood. Blood is sacred, Blood is life. This blood red color comes from an ancient dye process using beet and pomegranate juice.
Beets are a root chakra activator,they keep us connected to Mother Earth. They also stimulate  the heart chakra and help open ones heart and beets help heal old wounds from the past.
Pomegranates have been used as a symbol of the most fundamental beliefs, life and death, birth,
eternal life, fertility, abundance and prosperity. In my tradition the pomegranate is used in a very moving protection ritual.

The wood used in the frame is Canadian Cedar. The cedar tree has been revered throughout history for its spiritual significance and is related to longevity, protection, summoning spirits and prosperity.Cedar cleanses negative atmospheres and is used for the creation of sacred space.

The skin used was Elk. Elk tells us to be aware of subtle changes around us and to be ready for a quick response.Elk stands for stamina, strength, nobility, pride, and survival. Both my Mom and my Dad have Elk
as a totem.

So that's the significance of the make up of the drum it self. Powerful stuff eh!
My drum arrived in the mail the day before the Full Moon so the timing was perfect. I got to work and designed the ritual to consecrate it. The night of the Full Moon I cleansed and dedicated my new Drum! I always start with the basics, cleanse with the elements and declare intent. I Asked the Ancestors for guidance and blessing to speak threw the drum and guide it's song. I bound it to myself with a personal bind rune and placed the runes of protection, gateway and journey upon its frame in sacred oil. Then I drummed and drummed and let the song flow threw me and raised some amazing power! I look forward to the work I will be doing with my powerful new tool. My Red Drum :)

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