Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Minions on Money

The Bug trying to rip the new 100 dollar bill
Canada released it's new 100 dollar bill this past week.  We got one for the minions to check out. We talked about some of the new security measures.  The minions thought the durable polymer was a really good idea and tested it thoroughly. Then we talked about counterfeiting and why it is wrong and how it effects everyone this lead to a discussion on monetary systems touching on some of the ancients systems and what different cultures looked at as valuable and that lead to discussing barter. We talked about greed and the state of our world today because of the worship of money. We talked a bit about class systems as well. one thing I found fascinating was that even tho the minions know why we have money they all agree that other systems would be better and were quite baffled as to why it still exists. The innocence and lack of corruption they show in this money driven world gives me such hope.
Great quotes from the minions: 
The Bug - "well I think its pretty silly that how much paper we have says how much power we have!"

King Connaher- " jeez why don't people view value by who a person is and what they do, no wonder our worlds so screwed up."
"Paper doesn't even feel like it should have worth at least gold was heavy."