Saturday, October 6, 2012

The story of our forever home...

Magick is all around us we just have to look...

For as long as I can remember we have dreamt of owning our own land. One thing or another always made us put off  looking and to tell you the truth we always felt like we would never be able to afford what we wanted. I had dreams of a business, a pagan retreat and for that I wanted alot of wooded land. After awhile those dreams faded. I focused more on my family and it's needs I wanted good clean living for my minions, organic food, space and serenity. I started working more seriously toward that goal a couple years ago regularly telling the Universe what I Tarot told me it was coming but it would be awhile...things needed to change...there needed to be a change...what, I did not know and I am not a fan of cryptic so I was a bit frustrated. I continued to tell the Goddess and Ancestors what we wanted and did spellwork
with that goal in mind. At Samhain 2011 I was give message that we would find our forever home west of where we were, to seek to the west. A few weeks later I was told in a dream and then again threw Tarot to watch for signs as they were everywhere. When 2012 rolled around I had a vision that told me this year would be full of great pain but great reward. There would be big change and loss in my world. I waited....then at Imoblc I was given a message from Goddess one I did not want to hear, I struggled with the knowledge of what I must do. I had to let go of one of my best friends for her own good, I had to cut her loose and cut her off so she could succeed. So after long days of thought, meditation and much conversing with Spirit, Ancestor and Divine alike I made my choice to honor The Goddesses wishes. This escalated the chain reaction of signs and omens that were leading us to our dream although I did not know it at this point.

Ostara rolled around and we had someone offer to give us for free a trailer but the only land we had was in the small town my Dads family were from and we defiantly wanted to be in the country. We played around with the idea of tyring to make it work but everything we wanted would not work within the towns bylaws. We took the hint, it was loud and clear and plus I was told west and this little town was east. We started looking in our area but within the price range we were approved for there was just nothing.

Beltane rolled around and things in our townhouse were starting to fall apart. Our landlord just had no interest in fixing the place and we had sunk enough of our own money into it. It was in need of some major fixes and it just was not going to happen. I was working hard by this time and as a family we had begun a routine of Full moon work focused on finding our Forever home. Daily we were discussing different options and looking at properties. Visualizing our dream property, our dream house. The Minions and I poured threw magazines cutting out pics for a collage of what our favorite things for property and house were. Talking about our new place was becoming a habit. Then one day in mid June 2012 I was browsing threw the land for sale section of our local paper and saw a property that would be perfect. I phoned the realtor only to find out it had sold. He asked me what we were looking for, I told him he said "You know, I just had this property come across my desk this morning it has not even been listed yet. I think you guys might like it would you like to have a look." "Sure" I said. So we made arrangements to go out and have a look. I googled the address and noticed right away that it was directly west of us and the nearest community was a tiny hamlet called Telfordville we were currently living in a place called Telford court...
When we drove out the next evening we passed the Strawberry creek and hall...Strawberry has always been a sign to us as we used to own a Strawberry market garden and it was a great time in our life. When we got there the house was beautiful with features we wanted and had visualized...a fireplace, rock feature walls, hardwood, multiple bathrooms, enough bedrooms for all of the Minions to have their own, and a hot tub. I was getting very excited by this time but was trying not to show it as we had not heard any details on price yet just that it was within the limit I had given him. Then I walked into the kitchen and saw the view out the was the exact one I had used in my visualizations. At this point I told my Hubby we have to get this place. We went out and talked price it was doable but was gonna be hard. The realtor said that it had been up for rent and many renters were interested but we wanted to buy! We met with the owner and
said we were defiantly interested and that we would like to bring the Minions out for a look.The next day we took the Minions out for a look as we were exploring the acres around the house we discovered a natural spring and an old up turned tree that screamed Horned God. We went home that night and focused as a family on it being ours. My Tarot said it would be ours and that night Bug and myself dreamt of living there. The next day the realtor phoned and said that the owner loved us and wanted us to have the place could we meet to see if we could hash out a deal. We were beyond happy!! It was such a whirlwind a deal was struck papers were signed and we moved in on my Birthday! and that my friends is the story of how we found our Forever home :)

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