Sunday, October 7, 2012

September in pictures

We started clearing trees so we can build a greenhouse this spring. When Hubby was younger he logged with my Dad for quite a few years. He said he didn't realize how much he missed it till now.

Clearing thistle and underbrush. This is where we will be putting the orchard.

For a few days the yard looked like a lumber yard, felled trees everywhere :) Zed is well versed in the use of a chainsaw and has worked with them quite a bit but it was a whole new experience for King Connaher. 
Willowtree turns 14

She got a new Bellydance top from Gramma,  here she is showing off her shimmy :)

Rainbow flag makes a very happy Willowtree. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!
Bug making gourd rattles with Granmma

Primed and ready to paint. The gourd on top was dried then hollowed out, filled with dried mung beans and then piece of doweling was glued in place for a handle.

Bug making her Earth inspired rattle.
Bug's finished Earth gourd rattle

Gramma's finished Fire gourd rattle
More carpentry lessons for Willowtree. We needed our back deck stairs re-placed so our carpenter friend Torry decided it would be a great time for Willowtree to learn how it is done.

Torry says she learns very quick and he thinks she will make an excellent carpenter. Under his watchful observation she finished the stairs all on her own.
We went to the Edmonton Pagan Pride festival
Bug walking the labyrinth at Edmonton Pagan Pride

Dancing the Spiral dance at Edmonton Pagan Pride

Participated in an awsome drum circle and was told a great story from Mexico by our friend Kriket Shaman.
Created a crystal net with Rose Quartz around the hot tub amplifying the healing power.

Lady Birch is putting on her fall colors.

The beautiful North Saskatchewan River only a short drive from our house

A great lesson in geology was inspired by this pic :)
Our first livestock :)
Bug named the sheep Alice, they became fast friends.

My little great nephew Keo came to spend the weekend. Willowtree loves babies and had a blast helping to take care of Keo for the weekend.
Bug has been learning animal classification in biology. Little pet shop toys are great for this lesson. First she separates them in to major categories like Mammal, bird, insect, reptile etc. Then we took the Mammal pile and classified them more specifically into Feline, Canine, Rodent etc.

Bug cooking herself breakfast

Cooking measurement review
New decoration for the Mabon and Samhain season

September nights get chilly and we are very thankful for our fireplace.

Zed and King Connaher working together to dig a shitpit for the cat and dog waste
Great pic of little miss Missy moo


Mama Zoe. This is her please no paparazzi look!
More renos. This time we are repairing the back deck. There were a few boards that needed replacing so King Connaher and Willowtree under the watchful eye of our Carpenter friend Torry fixed the deck.

King Connaher using the saw.

"measure twice cut once" Grampa Kent gets quoted almost daily in our home. The Minions have a very real connection with alot of their Ancestors because we talk about them and reminisce alot. I find it very important and grounding for them to know where they come from and why we do some things the way we do them.

Fae approved!! in our world this means so much more than a lumber stamp :)

Willowtree will be a great foreman. She is always telling the boys how to do it right and very quickly takes charge :)
We canned some B.C. peaches. Bug really was not interested in this activity but Willowtree, Gramma and I had it done in no time :)

Fruits of our labor. All together we canned 13 quarts, froze enough for 3 pies and Gramma and I did up 2 quarts of peach pit vodka.

 Our little man Zeddicus sleeping in the sun. So cute...just makes me melt! He really is tiny compared to his siblings.
Part of our Lughnasadh/Mabon feast ready to be cooked. Leg of Mutton. The Mutton was marinaded for 24 hours in apple cider vinegar, water, thyme, rosemary, onions, garlic and savory. Here it is ready to be wrapped and put in the pit to slow roast for 16 hours. It is covered with whole carrots and onions and handfuls of fresh thyme, rosemary and summer savory from our herb garden.

Me in my element. I love rustic style cooking :)

Leg of Mutton wrapped and ready

We talked as a family at length about how we wanted to cook our feast this year. Pit roast was the final choice. Here are our coals after two days of burning and the meat in the pit ready to be covered with more coals.

Here the guys are filling the pit with sand after covering the meat with coals. Now it will roast for 16 to 18 hours and we will uncover it and find out how well it turned out check out the next post on our Lughnasadh/Mabon celebrations :)

Beautiful bowl that came with Gramma for making Moon water

Moon water out to charge on the full Moon
We Celebrated Mabon with a huge gathering and that is a post in itself.....coming up next

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