Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hawks Eye

I don't believe in coincedence...I know the Universe conspires to give us what we always need and were most see coincedence I see magick.
Just recently such a magical event happened in my life and it involved one of my best friends. I have known Darlene for over 19 years now and as young single moms we shared many trials. It is funny cause when we first met we hated each other and now I couldn't imagine my life without her in it. We are spirit sisters and share a very deep bond. I believe we are anam cara.
So now onto our story  My Mom, the Minions and I were at the Pagan Pride festival in Edmonton a few weeks back and in one of the crystal and gem tents I saw a some hawks eye stones. I had only read about it in my crystal books. I had a look and really did want to buy but none of the stones spoke to me, I was disapointed but I know stones and know that if they aren`t speaking to me not to buy cause they will just leave me anyway. I have lost many a stone because I did not listen to what it wanted. So I left with out any. A week later on Willowtrees birthday we went out to my friend Lisas she sells crystals and again I saw the hawks eye and yet again it did not want to come home with me. I was getting a little disappointed by this point. During this time I was sharing with all of my friends that we were planning on having a very large celebration for Mabon. My wonderful friend had a surprise for me and I didn't even know it....:)

The day before our big celebrations I got a package in the mail from Darlene. I was shocked!! Inside was an amazing apron that said "This Witch Can Cook" a sweetgrass braid and low and behold a beautiful perfect Hawk's eye! I just love how the universe works. To get one as a gift is so powerful. So I had to send an email to darlene and tell her all about it...she sent one back and here it is

 here is my story...I was packaging up the sweetgrass and apron...I thought to myself there is something missing here...I picked up my bag of stones and opened it. The stone was right at the top of the bag and I knew it was meant for you. I had 2 of them and it always seemed like only 1 belonged to me..I just knew I had to hold onto it until the right moment came. and there it was clear as a beautiful fall day. you are so welcome and I am glad the hawks eye found its rightous home.

now you see how the Universe conspires to bring us what we need how we need it...pretty magickal if you ask me.

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