Wednesday, October 3, 2012

June in Pictures

June was full of puppy love as Willowtree tried to figure out which puppy she wanted to keep.

Willowtree decided to go to the Edmonton Gay Pride festival and wanted to go all rainbow so she bought a pair of white skinny jeans and decorated them. Great art project :) she was asked by so many people were she bought them. Next year she is going to make a dozen pairs in various sizes and sell them.

New experiments. Each test tube holds a different one.

First one Bug wants to try is the Lava Lamp

Cool blue lava lamp

Bug really enjoyed this experiement. It taught the difference between Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic
Magnetic putty

Eventually it enveloped the whole magnet
Bugs first birthday party without Mom coming that wasn't family. She did great.

New story book
The Puppies are growing so fast.

We celebrated cousin Spencers birthday

Bug started learning all about evergreens

Bug collected spruce sap and learned about many of its uses
We made lip balm

Chocolate mint lip balm
Bug giving Willowtree a massage. They have been learning different kinds of massage techniques.

Willowtree gets a new piercing. A gift from her brothers.

We celebrated Litha
Willow chooses Whiskey

Night walk with the family

We made Chocolate covered banana and kiwi pops
We made Mango pops
We wildcrafted some red clover and made Clover lemonade

This is King Connaher practicing his Irish accent. he has quite the talent for voices and accents

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