Saturday, October 6, 2012

August in pictures

Zed setting off fireworks to celebrate taking the last of the boxes off the moving truck

King Connaher puppy proofing the side deck
The babies are growing so big. From left to right Whiskey, Zeddicus and Missy

The girls playing with the mirrors in the main bathroom. Cool effect eh!

King Connaher cutting laminate while doing home renos

The new hardwood floor King Connaher, Willowtree and Daddy put in Grammas bedroom

Daddy giving the Minions a lesson in laying hardwood

Willowtree cutting laminate. She is thinking she may want to be a carpenter.

Family clean up of the Grove. We have a beautiful evergreen grove on our land that we have established as our families practicing space.
Wolf spider den. We learned all about wolf spiders
Pruning trees

Wasps nest. We removed it safely with no one stung.

Always time for a wheelbarrow ride

The Minions will be canning with me this fall and with this book I got for my birthday we will be trying some other techniques as well.

Willowtrees puppy Whiskey

Summer salad, everything except the black olives came from our garden
One of Bugs favorite breakfasts Fried asparagus topped with Havarti cheese and a fried egg

Our New House

Bug reading a chapter book

Bug loves to take pictures. This is her healthy lunch a sandwich with grapes a pickle and chocolate almond milk

Willowtree makes friends with a caterpillar

Zeds beautiful Doberman Terra Mae relaxing in the grove
Some of our crystals out charging under the Full Moon

The Blue Moon

Willowtree creating a glow in the dark spiral in the Grove on Full Moon

Full Moon Alter

Bug creating a triple moon symbol in the grove

The fire bowl that represents south in our Grove

Bug with her drum
Finished spiral

Meditating in our Grove

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