Wednesday, October 3, 2012

July in Pictures

July brought us amazing changes. A dream we had been working toward suddenly became very real.
Presentation is everything

Happy Bug enjoying her Canada Day breakfast

New board game Lords of Water Deep it was a huge hit and we have palyed it multiple times already.

New gardening gloves


Our dream of owning our own acrege becomes a reality
and it came with a hottub BONUS!
Willowtree makes friends with a toad...Meet George

We ended up keeping three of Zoes puppies in the end. Meet Zeddicus

and Missy
and Willowtrees new baby Whiskey

More wildcrafting,  lambs quarter omlette

Always striving to eat healthy. Sweetpotato fritters. The Minions loved these with a spicy chipolete dipping sauce.

Wicked hail storm
We moved on my birthday and Lughnasadh this year. It was a horrible move but so worth it to be in our new home on our own land. We worked hard toward this goal and when it came it was a whirlwind.... I will share that story next.

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