Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing with the Air Elementals

Autumn brings windy days and it was such a day when the Bug went out to play with the Breezes.....We had been doing Fall themed crafts on the back deck when it became rather blustery so we packed up the art supplies and brought them in the house. The Bug wanted to go back out and play with the wind so away she went. The leaves were blowing off the trees and it looked like it was snowing leaves. She ran and ran and ran some more the whole while giggling and laughing as she jumped and twirled trying to catch the leaves on the breeze. Bugs middle name happens to be Breeze and she was defiantly in her element today :)

Of all the Elementals the Sylphs or Air elementals are by far the most playful and willing to interact with humans. So the next time they are out playing go join them and encourage your minions to go out and play with the Fae and a windy day :)

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