Saturday, February 11, 2012

January in pictures...

Happy New Year 2012
First Footing was carried out by our nephew, this is a Scottish tradition that we have been doing for years

Zed came home for a visit
The Minions all got Yo-Balls for Yule. Zed shows us what he has learned so far.
Now it's Bugs turn, she is pretty good!
It was a short visit :( and now Zed is off on a backpacking adventure across beautiful British Columbia
Happy Birthday Daddy!!
We started making Pine Balm
Infusing the oils for the Pine Balm.
Shortbread we made to celebrate Robbie Burns night
King Connaher has always wanted a parrot. I told him we have way to many cats for a bird to be comfortable in our home. So he trained his kitten Meeka to be a shoulder cat LOL
Created by Bug on Little Big Planet 2
So that was our January in pics. I will be creating a few blog posts to elaborate on a couple of them. We have been a very busy family so far this 2012 and have some major changes coming for us this Spring. Stay tuned....and Goddess Bless

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