Sunday, February 12, 2012

Robbie Burns Night

I know, I know it is late but I always say better late than never. So over the next little while I will be playing catch up a bit and posting what I have late or not.....
My heritage is mostly Scottish and for as long as I can remember we have celebrated Robbie Burns night. My hometown has always put on a huge production with a big supper at the local Agriculture hall complete with pipers, poetry recitals, whiskey toasts and Highland dancers. We have not lived there nor close enough to go in over a decade now. The first year we were too far away it passed and I was sad to miss it but had no clue what to do that would even come close to the experience of Robbie Burns night back home. The next year I realized that I did not want my minions to miss out on this uniquely Scottish experience so I did a little research and our family Robbie Burns night was born. So for the last nine years on every January 25 we celebrate Robbie Burns and the pride we have in our Scottish heritage with history, poetry recital, music and awesome food. This year King Connaher recited A red, red rose for us and did a great job of a thick Scottish accent. We listened to some traditional pipes and feasted on Scones, Brosst and Shortbread.
Brosst: Barley and Mutton stew
Willowtree helped to cook all the food and Bug helped with the Shortbread. We talked about our Scottish heritage and our ancestors. I love how my minions are learning the recipes the same way I did by watching and listening to the generation before.

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