Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our world in pictures Nov. and Dec. 2011

Bug is going to make a snuggle blanket

Working on her snuggle blanket

Let's explore the human body
The brain Muhahahaha!

Testing out the new hundred dollar bills

Bug loved that you can see threw it

King Connaher doing Tai Chi

More Tai Chi

Geology kit. We had alot of fun with this one. There are cards that show practical applications of the rocks it was very enlightening.

Crystal growing kit

Playing the board game Science lab
Every girl loves a wedding dress. A good friend of ours gave Willowtree this wedding dress for her to upcycle. She is not sure if she wants to do anything with it yet tho.

Starting our month long crystal gowing experiment

Crystal growing underway

States of matter experiments. You can see the Avacado tree still growing in the background.

Gooey fun

Bug started her Time and Money unit

Making a clock
Making the clock

Yule crafting

Finished snowman garland
King Connaher in his spiffy new clothes for his job interview

Intro to physics and simple machines

Let's build a lever
Very intent on what she is doing

Completed Lever

Bug learning how to knot her snuggle blanket

We learned all about the winter holidays of the world

Bug is finished her snuggle blanket

Yule baking curtesy of Willowtree and Bug

New game for Yule, we learned about this one when we studied Egyptian history
Gifts for some special neighbors Isis milk bath made by us :)

Family Yule ritual

King Connaher reciting the Holly King speech

Re-eneactment of the Holly/Oak king battle at Yule


Willowtree learned the medieval art of lacing a corset
Magic School Bus Space experiments

Magic School Bus Space experiments

Human body model play again. This one gets ALOT of use

Human body dice. We play with these and the model together

Crystal experiment finished

They almost reached the line
Going to crack open a geode

King Connaher smashing his geode

King Connaher's geode

Trying new things. Octopus

Trying new things. Octopus

Trying new things. Octopus
Willowtree making potstickers from scratch for New years eve

MMMM homemade potstickers. Happy New Year!

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