Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Imbolc 2012

In our tradition Imbolc lasts for three days February 1st to 3rd. Personally I think it is because we make our candles for the year at this time and that may take more than one day. In our world tho it has taken on more meaning...The 1st is Zeds birthday, what better way to celebrate the beginning of Spring and renewal than a BIRTHday! So the on the first we celebrate renewal with his birthday celebrations. On the 2nd we make candles and celebrate the lengthening light and fire. We usually spend the entire day candle making, melting, mixing and pouring. The whole family gets involved and usually a few coven members as well.
Poured spell candles
Hand rolled beeswax candles
Spell candle burning on the Imbolc alter
Then on the 3rd we do more crafting by making Brigid crosses for protection.
Willowtree making her cross. Color co-ordinated to match her hair :)
 The ones from the year before are burnt in offering to the Goddess Brigid. My cross goes above the front door and the minions go above their beds.
Finished cross
We also finished making our Pine Balm on this day and Blessed it in Brigids name for healing.
Finished Pine balm great for arthritic hands
Imbolc Alter 2012
We made offerings of cream and moon water to the Goddess and the fae. Then feasted with our family and friends.  Imbolc 2012 was as it always is a great three days of love, laughter, candles and magick. May the Goddess Bless you and ours!

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