Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our world in pictures Sept. and Oct. 2011

These were posted for our homeschooling liaison so she can enjoy some of our learning moments.
Nov. and Dec. will follow in the next post


 The Avocado seed that Bug planted is growing strong

Tomato from our garden

MMM the tomato is Bug approved

Zed is home for a visit and is a 1st year apprentice scaffolder now :) The minions got a lesson in scaffolding and structure stability.

 Feather forest created by Bug for her little pet shops

Zed gives us a Bo demonstration

Zed showing off his skills

Willowtree gets a cell phone for her birthday day. This new responsibility ment a budget change for her, she met this challenge by starting to babysit outside the home.

The Bug listening to a new music style TECNO introduced to her by her favorite cousin

Silly kitten and the apples we were gifted for Mabon. They were turned into all sorts of yummies

Mabon feast: Stuffed squash  grown by the minions

The bug playing at Pagan Pride days in the city

The story circle at Pagan pride days Edmonton. It is taken from pretty far away as alot of pagans are camera shy.

We collected Acorns for crafting. The minions were able to identify every tree in the park :)

The minions playing silent ball a game they created

 Learning who lives in our garden
Tutu Willowtree made for her costume

The Bug making meringues

The cold lady bugs that sparked a conversation about hibernation

Honoring the ancestors

King Connaher is...

Working the soil after the harvest. Preparing for spring

The girls working together to clean up the yard for winter

our potato harvest


Willowtree working on her Samhain costume

Measure twice, cut once
Aromatherapy. Blending oils and creating gem oils

A costume choice turns into a journey into the world of gladiators! Thanks cousin Brandon :)

Bugs new journal    

Willowtrees hard work. Finished costume Darkfae

The back. She wanted to make wings too but ran out of time so had to buy them Yay Dollar store!

Bugs cool idea. Great use for a barbie in my opinion.

Pumpkin carving time
Zoe wants to bob for apples too

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