Friday, November 26, 2010

Nope not a Scrooge... Just a pagan.

My neighbor asked me the other day why we had not yet decorated for Yule? She was surprised because we decorate pretty early and very extensively for Halloween/Samhain. So I explained our lack of decor was for a very good pagans this is the dark time of the year when we are to reflect rest and heal. The time between the Gods return to the underworld and his return as the baby Sun God is the time to look into oneself, to be still and listen, to rest and renew.
The house is deep cleaned and re-organized then magickally cleansed and smudged.  We concentrate on any problems personal or in the house that need addressing and address them. Not taking this time in our yearly cycle to really look at ones self and take the opportunity to confront or try and fix ones problems is un-healthy. To hide our problems and let them build and build is society’s norm unfortunately but when you follow the cycle of the wheel it naturally brings balance. So in honor of this part of the cycle we do not decorate and we try to keep from the distraction of the rest of society that has decided that the Christmas season begins Nov.1.
We focus on us and the dark time and wait for the return of the light. So when do we start to celebrate the return of the light?    13 days before the Solstice.

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