Saturday, January 1, 2011

The beginning of some catch up.

Now that the holidays are over I can breath a bit and catch up on a very neglected blog. So over the next little while my posts will be all over as I cover a bunch of stuff that I have wanted to get on here. The minions have been doing all sorts of stuff, they learned some pretty cool things and have had some fun adventures and Zed learned all about the harsh reality of being LAID OFF but as always another door opened.......

The night of the 23 he was informed that his company had no more jobs and until they did the crew was laid off, this is the first time that Zed has had to deal with a unexpected loss of work so he was pretty upset. I thought to myself "nice timing jerks", now Zed is a teenager and really does not NEED his job but the other guys on his crew do and one of them is a brand new father, really what kind of people do lay offs on the 23rd of December!! I told Zed maybe he should just look for a new job because does he really want to work for people like that, He agreed. So I mentioned to a friend of mine that Zed was looking for work and he put in a good word and Zed now has a new job framing houses. He is very excited that he will be working in the carpentry field. Wood has always been a big part of our world, one of my Dads passions was wood work and he made beautiful firniture. When Hubby and I were first married we worked with Dad logging for three years, they were great years. The smell of sawdust and woodsmoke are some of the most comforting smells in our world. So as one door closes another opens I hope Zed can make his way in this trade and that he finds as much joy working with wood as his Grandfather did.

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