Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mommy’s minions…..Part 2

So I know it has been awhile, life got really busy and I have not yet found the time in my schedule to make this blog a regular thing but I will try your gonna get right now :) So I told you about my boys now on to....

The Girls

Willowtree our oldest daughter is a Virgo born under a Cancer moon. She was all pink and ribbons and bows as a baby and little girl, everything sparkly and pink was her desire. Grampa called her Princess and she fit the bill. Around eight years old she started to become serious about her love of clothes and a fashionista was born! Now Willowtree definitely has her own sense of style, it leans heavily on gothic and 80's retro. Her hair color changes every couple months and has been through the rainbow spectrum at least twice. She loves animals and has two pets a ferret Loki and an Angore cat Koda, for a very long time she wanted to be a Veterinarian. She has a love of reading; sci-fi and fantasy are her favorite genres. She loves science, ancient history, cooking, baking and has been thinking of becoming a Forensic Anthropologist or a Pastry Chef. A born activist she is very opinionated and strong. I have never seen her back down from anything. She knows her voice and how to use her words, vocabulary and debate are definite strong suits. A devoted worshiper of Bast she has had dreams of becoming a high priestess since she was little. She loves herbs and has a very good command of there uses and applications already. Tarot is her favorite divination tool but she says she wants to learn the pendulum as well. She practices yoga, loves to ride her bike and figure skate. Like all girls her age Willowtree loves music and right now is totally obsessed with Marianas Trench and the lead singer Josh Ramsay. She is a social butterfly and has many many friends, most weekends are booked for sleepovers and it is always a fight for the telephone. Her totems are Bear, Butterfly and cat.

Bug our youngest daughter is also an Aries born under a Scorpio Moon and so much like her brother King Connaher it isn't funny. She came into this world early and still weighed a whopping 11lbs 3oz. It was a very rough pregnancy and even rougher delivery...but our family was finally complete. She has been called Bug since birth...Lovebug, bugaboo, lilbug, bugalug and then just Bug. She is a great balance between girly girl and tomboy and it is not unusual to see her catching bugs or digging in the dirt in a frilly pink gown. She is a natural singer and it constantly amazes me when I hear her singing a song with perfectly memorized lyrics after only hearing it a couple times. A true nature baby she prefers to be outdoors and will often come in for a meal and ask to take it back outside to eat :) Her loyal companion is her big brothers Doberman Pinscher Terra Mae and where ever she is inside or out Terra is right by her side. When she is inside she is an avid gamer and loves Mario and Sonic. She really likes anime and chooses to watch it over anything else, her and King Connaher spend hours discussing the stories and characters. She is learning to read but is very resistant to learning to write so I have been testing various methods to get her interested in printing. She likes her alone time and will spend hours playing by herself quite happily singing away. She is a bundle of energy and runs everywhere. She likes to swim and practices yoga. Her totems are Ram, Elephant, Phoenix and Red tailed hawk.

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