Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mommy’s minions…..

So I told ya a bit about me, now here is a bit about the minions.

The Boys…
    Zed is the oldest an Aquarius born under a Taurus moon. When I was pregnant with him I had very vivid dreams full of wolves and a man who was also a Raven. The wolves were always running beside me and never scared me, I knew they were excited and anticipating this birth for some reason. The man was not scary either he was watching and protecting. (Now I know all about this and what it is about and I will post on it in the future I promise) Zed was born on Imbolc quick and easy with only three hours of labour. From a very early age he had an amazing connection with animals, I remember watching him play hide and seek with a wild weasel at the age of four. He is very much at ease in the wilderness and with all things wild. We have had a zoos worth of animals over the years and the majority were Zeds. Growing up he spent a lot of time with my Dad and learned as much as he could about nature and how to survive in it.  He loves all animals and wants to work in an animal conservation field eventually.  First tho he wants to join the military to serve his country just like his Dad did. He loves the natural sciences and excels in these fields and has a great passion for ancient history. He has worked part time since he was twelve and has tried his hand at cooking, dog training, logging, electrostatic painting, landscaping and last year he worked on a ranch for a dog breeder to work off a pure bred Doberman puppy, her name is Terra Mae.  He is very active and loves to wrestle has a great sense of humour and is fiercely loyal. His totems are Wolf and Otter and when he was nine he informed me he is owned by Loki and their relationship has been an interesting ride to this point.

King Connaher is an Aries with a Scorpio moon. He also had a quick entry into our world the doctor didn’t even make it up from the cafeteria a nurse had to deliver him. He is my warrior and has been obsessed with all things warrior since he could talk. As a young child he would spend hours building castles and fighting with his knights and dragons. He loves dragons!! likes to read and his favorite subject is history. He is becoming very adept at scrying. King Connaher is also a very talented painter, loves to invent and create and is always “doing experiments”.  He is a gamer and has a very frustrating habit of wrapping a game within days or sometimes hours of purchase. He loves zombie movies and says he prays for Z day (as does my husband and his older brother). He likes anime and the last few years he has shifted his focus to Japan and loves all things Japanese. He has started to learn to speak Japanese and is planning on visiting the country when he turns eighteen. He says when he grows up he wants to be a police officer or a soldier because they are todays warriors. Like me he needs his alone time so he practices yoga, tai chi and meditates daily.  His totems are Dragon, Ram and Red tail Hawk.

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