Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the beginning....

I guess this first post should be an introduction...
I am Avalonschild and I am the mother of five wonderful children.
I have been married to my soul mate for 15 years.
I am a Witch.
We are natural learners.

This blog is going to be a big mash up of alot of things my witchy ways, natural learning, my minions and our crazy life.
So a little background....I am Leo and a very typical one. I was raised in a very liberal home with strong, loving, wonderful parents. My Dad taught me about the natural world, that everything is connected and that the Earth is our Mother and above all She needs to be worshiped and respected. He taught me to stand up and use my voice, to always fight for my beliefs and so very much more. He crossed the veil last year and left a gaping hole in our world that we are still dealing with. My Mom taught me about plants and herbs about blending in with the Earth, not bending it to what I want. She taught me to whisper to bees and talk to the animals and plants. She taught me how to be a mom and to really listen and she taught me about gentleness and beauty. I thank the Goddess each day that she is still with us. Now there is one other person I credit for me being me and that is my Gramma Jean, she taught me about being a strong woman and about unconditional love. She taught me the importance of ancestors and history, she taught me were I came from and supported me no matter what. She crossed the veil in 2005 and it was the one of the hardest losses I have suffered so far.

Now my parents and my Gramma were very instrumental in the beginning, they helped to build the foundation of ME. So much more has gone into it obviously and with out telling you it all there are somethings that will help fill out the picture. I was born and raised in Canada and spent the majority of my younger life and my teens in the great white north this has had a big impact on who I am. I left home and the north when I was 15 and lived with my Gramma till I was 18 then I was out on my own. I met my husband in 1994 he was in the military and was married in 1995. Zed our oldest son was born during Imbolc 1993 next came another son King Connaher in April of 1996, two years later in September a daughter our beautiful Willowtree. We decided to move as I wanted to have it all and started to focus on a career, medicine was my dream at this point and I wanted to be a Naturopath so I started to take steps in that direction. I enrolled in collage and in my last year before moving on to University found out I was pregnant with our youngest daughter Bug, she joined us in April of 2004. So we moved again so i could go to University and fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. Then the universe decided husbands grandmother needed me and I had no doubt of what was more important so I decided to put my studies on hold and give her the care she needed till she passed threw the veil. In the mean time the universe had other plans entirely and our journey into homeschooling began...........

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  1. You sound like such a good child through this, and we were, weren't we? Just misunderstood maybe? Welcome to blogland my friend! So glad I was and continue to be in your life. Love you sister!