Monday, June 17, 2013

May in pictures...

Zed paying homage to the Ancestors at our outdoor Ancestor altar
The 1st of May is Beltane and even tho the weekend before we were in Edmonton celebrating Beltane with our community we celebrate at home as well! We feasted, made offerings to the Goddess, God, Fae and Ancestors, leaped over the bonfire and collected waters from the sacred spring. We had our first bonfire of the year and of course roasted marshmallows.
Zed helping Bug hang her spirit spinner at the sacred spring

Me hanging my spirit spinner at the spring

Beltane offerings at the Sacred spring

Collecting waters from the sacred spring on Beltane

Daddy jumping the Beltane fire for luck, prosperity and abundance!
Daddy and I jumped the fire together as well but no pics cause I am usually the one behind the camera.
Beltane Bonfire
Some of our purchases from the Gem and Mineral show
We were delighted to take in the Edmonton Gem and Mineral show in early May. It was a three day event and took a whole day just to see all of what was there. It was intense and as crystal workers we were in heaven!! Mom won one of the door prizes, a large Ammolite fossil. Bug was asked to be one of the people to draw for the prizes and was gifted in thanks with three freshwater pearls. Most of the Minions decided to buy my Mothers day gifts at the show :) King Connaher bought me a beautiful piece of Merlinite, Willowtree bought me a Chakra wand, Bug got me the sweetest piece of Fairy quartz and Daddy bought me a huge Shiva Lingam stone. He thought it was funny knowing it is a major fertility stone, he was warned that five Minions is enough!! Bug and Willowtree learned how to pan for gold. It was a fun time and very educational with talks and demonstrations on Geology, Gem cutting, Paleontology, Mining and Gold panning.
Willowtree and Bug learning to pan for gold

Bug panning for gold
Bug with the gold she panned. She found three flakes.
The freshwater pearls Bug got for drawing the door prizes
Mommy day message by Bug
Mother`s day rose from Daddy
Mother`s day gifts from Bug
Bug loves to do Origami and she knows that I am not a cake eater so she made me two Origami cakes, painted a rock for me and collected some beautiful pebbles and polished them up nice. I truly treasure these because I know the Minions are growing so fast and that these types of little trinket gifts I won`t be getting much longer. Until Grandbabies anyway :)

Bug and Willowtree both love photography. Bug has done alot of different photo projects and really loves to take pics of everything.
Bug has been asking for a pet of her own for awhile now. So for her birthday in April we had decided to get her a Hamster. When we went to the pet store they did not have any in and the cages were way more in price than we had expected! So we began the search for a cage, going to second hand stores when ever we were in town. We found one in the second week of May for five dollars :) then we were off to the pet store again. Bug picked out Cheesecake and her journey into pet owner began. She is very responsible with her hamster and very patient, when she first got her you could not hold her without gloves. She was a real biter but with patience Bug held her daily with gloves and spent hours with her showing her that she could trust Bug. By the beginning of June she was holder her without gloves :)
We are gonna make a bubble snake
I found this cool bubble idea on Facebook and asked Bug if she wanted to try it, lol I had her a bubbles!! So we read the instructions and made the bubble liquid and blower. Then she was off outside to try it...
Blowing a bubble snake

Prepping the flowers beds
Spring brings yard work and since this is our first Spring here we have tonnes!! One of the first things we did was remove all of the dirt out of the pre-existing flowerbeds, they had been used by the previous owners cats as litter boxes and WOW was there alot of cat shit!! Then we refilled them with nice black dirt.
Lords of Waterdeep
The Minions relaxing after a hard day of yard work playing boards games with cousin Brandon!
Missy and Whiskey playing
Lemon meltaways
Vegan cookies. These were ok but not our idea of a cookie :( we will continue our search for a good vegan cookie.
Vegan sprout wraps
These on the other hand were excellent and very kid friendly :) they were made by Bug. It is chopped cucumber, carrot, alfalfa sprouts, green onions drizzled with a dressing made from peanut butter, balsamic, agave and some chili oil, all wrapped up in a napa cabbage leaf.

Protesting Monsanto in Edmonton
On May 25 Willowtree and I joined millions of people around the world in protesting against Monsanto. The Minions all helped make signs. King Connaher had to work that day :( he really wanted to march with us. The Minions have been raise to be food conscience so they are very aware of GMs and GMOs they all jumped at the chance to be part of the voice that said NO!!

We celebrated the Feast of Hecate at the end of May. We had a wonderful meal then had ritual at the same time as thousands of our sisters around the world, it was a very moving experience! After the Minions and I did some star gazing, they are learning the constellations season by season.
We are getting ready to plant our garden and get chickens, it is a whole new life style for the Minions but they seem to be adjusting well. Slowly but surly our little homestead is taking shape!

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