Monday, June 10, 2013

April in Pictures

April is a big month for birthdays in our house both King Connaher and Bug were born within the first week. This year to celebrate King Connaher wanted to play laser tag and Bug wanted to go swimming. So I booked a Laser tag evening for the King, we had alot of fun and will definitely do it again.
King Connaher enjoying laser tag
Fun night at laser tag
Bug really enjoyed herself as well and has asked if we can do it again for her birthday next year :) Our family dominated the score board lol that is what happens when you work as a unit!
Crystal cards for King Connahers 17th Birthday
For his birthday King Connaher asked for a new journal and some crystals he had wanted. We also found these really cool crystal cards and he got a set of them too :)
His new Journal/B.O.S

Amber, Wulfinite, Chrysoprase, Howlite, 3 Moonstones and a Rutilated Quartz

Pan fried oysters

  King Connaher loves to try new food so for his birthday this year he chose something he has had before but only smoked out of a can, Fresh Oysters. I pan fried them in butter breaded lightly and they also all tried them raw. King Connaher and Bug did not like them at all either way lol only smoked for them and Willowtree and Zed didn't mind them raw and liked them cooked. I am so proud of my Minions they never shy away from a new experience
Gramma bought him some amethyst Runes

 Then the next day is Bugs birthday :)
Happy 9th birthday Bug

 We had a party with cake and a pinata then we all went swimming and met some friends at the pool to celebrate Bugs big day!
Bugs presents and cake

Pinata fun

Blowing out the candles

 Cousin Spencer went down to the huge Comic con in Seattle this year. He brought us all back presents :) He got Bug this backpack and she loved it so much she wore it for three days, even slept in it.
Bugs new backpack

 Gramma is a painter and she painted this beautiful Butterfly meadow picture for Bug for her birthday this year. King Connaher has inherited her talent and is quite a good painter and Bug loves to paint as well.

The first week in April this year also brought a pretty heavy Spring Blizzard, almost all of the snow had melted then we woke up to this!! Even tho we are very tired of Winter this means lots of moisture so we are not complaining.
Spring Blizzard

 and in the midst of all that snow....
Fresh sprouts

 Fresh sprouts are yummy and packed with nutritional value. We have a multi tiered sprouter and usually have a variety of fresh sprouts on the go. The fresher the better and this is live!! Can't get any fresher than that.
A very special lady gifted us this book for the Minions. It is an amazing learning tool, has stunning pictures and shows the amazing variety and beauty of the wonderful province we live in. Alberta is big! I have had the pleasure of seeing most of it but the Minions haven't and this book really opened up their eyes to the beauty of were we live.

Willowtree has been learning different weaves for bracelet making

An example of some of the different braids and weaves that Willowtree has learned.

Crazy Chemistry
We picked up a Crazy Chemistry kit that made edible snot, I know Blech right but the Minions loved the idea of it. I see these kits all over the place and have been avoiding them because of the ingredients but decided that I would let the Minions decide for themselves and that we would use it as more than just the experiment it was meant for. We looked at the ingredients and rated them as to how natural they were then we rated the taste....None of the Minions liked it at all, this pleased me :) then we waited to see if any one would get a upset tummy as the Minions are not used to eating alot of artificial crap. They all agreed that they did not want to get anymore of these type of experiment kits. 
We eat as natural as we can and over the years have eliminated most chemicals out of our diet. We grow and raise as much as we can and are slowly adding more and more to our self sufficiency. The Minions know of all the food choices out there and have come to their own conclusions as to why they eat as healthy as they do. I have never told them no when choosing food but have always required that they do research on where it came from and what was in it. They made their own choices from there and I couldn't be happier.
Zeddicus close up  Pic by Bug

Zeddicus and Missy
I gotta have some pics of the babies :)

 We went for a walk right after the creek broke up and watched the ice flow in the water. We also saw our resident beaver getting ready to make a new dam.

First Pussy Willows of the year

One of the downside of the Spring melt
This is one of the reasons you should own a 4x4 in rural Alberta. We do not :(

Faux Fur
The Beltane Fair this year is at the end of April. Willowtree and Zed have some really cool costume ideas.
Willowtree working on her Beltane costume


Vegan Hot n Spicy Cauliflower
This recipe is a definitely a keeper. So Yummy!! Vegan version of Hot wings. Just whisk some hot sauce and water into flour until it is thick enough to coat the Cauliflower then bake for 20 min at 425. Then take them out and baste with some more hot sauce whisked into oil, bake for 10 more minutes and serve YUMMY!

Some of our crystals out to charge in the Full Moonlight
Every Full Moon we put our Crystals out to charge, it was starting to take quite awhile. These big trays sure helped to cut the time down. Although it still takes us almost an hour to round them all up and get them outside in their places. We all have crystals in our house!
Some more of our collection charging in the Moonlight

 Making Apatite water
Gem elixirs are easy to make and we have been learning alot about them in our Crystal healing course. Here I am making Apatite water to help in my quest to release more excess pounds into the Universe. 
Bug making spirit spinners
 One of the Beltane crafts we made this year were Spirit Spinners they are hoops covered with ribbons. Each Ribbon represents a wish for you or someone else. We made these for our Ancestors and they Fae. They will hang in the trees by the Sacred Well.
 One of the skills I have expanded on alot in the last little while is divination using crystals. All of the Minions are interested in various types of divination and have been learning this skill as well.
Example of a crystal reading

Got our tickets for Sun Wheel

We are all very excited to be going to the Sun Wheel festival  at the end of June. We got our tickets at the end of April. It is a Music and Arts festival geared toward Pagans, we all got tickets except Zed and Daddy they have to work :(

Maypole 2013
 Beltane was celebrated by our community on the last weekend of April this year. As usual it was an amazing time. I will dedicate a post just to it :)
Zed and Willowtree worked very hard on their costumes and were featured as the faces of our community in the Edmonton Journal. Willowtree was also scouted by a modeling agency at the festival. Big things are on the horizon for my beautiful Willowtree.

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