Saturday, May 26, 2012

March in Pictures.....continued

Electronics experiments
working together on one of the more difficult projects
Zoe had her boyfriend Wally come to stay. Puppies will be coming in May :)
A new upcycle project.
We repainted it for the Ancestors
Bug and her cousin built a snow fort
They discussed how to properly stack bricks, igloos and survival in the winter.
Bug read her first book all by herself
Example of the text
King Connaher doing some star gazing
Willowtree doing some star gazing
Bug doing some stargazing
Playing words games
The Ostara wreath we made
Play date crafting with a friend
We made all natural cleaners
We celebrated Ostara! This year we were sugar free so the eggs Bug found were filled with play dough or made of sidewalk chalk :)
We learned how some molecules react to heat with the shrink wrap Ostara eggs we did
We also discovered how molecules react to cold
King Connaher reaps the rewards of working as he receives the things he ordered from Japan

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