Monday, May 28, 2012

April in pictures

The first week in April is crazy in our world. It starts off with Loki's day and then we have two birthdays back to back.
King Connaher turns 16
Bug turns 8
We spent the day a the zoo and Bug got a close up meeting with her favorite animal and totem Elephant
Lucy the elephant was close enough for Bug to touch.
Learning about the ancient arctic.
Willowtree and Bug checking out the underwater world
We had a great Zoo trip. The minions got to see alot of the animals they have learned about up close.
Willowtree had a photo shoot done
Moon study. We all went out to a high dark hill to get the best view of the full moon with the telescope
Wildcrafted Pine sap, needles and catkins. We will make more medicinals for our home medicine chest.
Bug starting seeds for our garden. Peppers and tomatoes.
Making wooden spoon puppets
First sprouts
Playing restaurant, Bugs sushi can be very expensive :)
Learning more about money.
Zoe is starting to show. We have been learning all about canine fetal development.
Playing board games. This is Fairyopoly. Monopoly fae style!!
The girls making there Beltane costumes for the Beltane Fair in Edmonton.
Making fairy costumes for Beltane
King Connaher learning to juggle
Bugs wings for her Beltane costume are finished
A Beltane fairy Bug :)
Willowtrees fairy wings
Willowtree was chosen to be this years Beltane Queen. It is a great honor in our faith.

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