Thursday, May 29, 2014


Our Imbolc Birthday celebrations started as they usually do with a candle making session. Zed had a pretty low key birthday choosing to just have family, his girlfriend and his best friend there, we had Whiskey cake and a great meal.
Zed and his girlfriend making candles

13 layer spell candle
Bug has graduated this year from doing gel candle and rolling beeswax sheets to melt and pours. She has been watching us since she was born and actively participating since she was about four so she has a lot of experience under her little belt. She did a great job pouring eight candles all by herself. She learned about dying of the wax and did her own color combos. 

We made cookies on a stick and decorated them for Lupercalia and had the annual learning session on Valentines and why we do not celebrate it but instead the much older and deeper custom of Lupercalia. 
Bug continues to explore alternative energy and plays with her snap circuits kit at least once a month making new creations every time. 
We took some special family time to remember Grampa on his birthday and the first born was home for a visit and told us all about his job on the oil rigs, we had a debate on fracking. 
The first born brought a gift for Grampa
Apple turnovers made by Willowtree
Willowtree made lunch for our homeschooling liaison when we went for our mid year reviews. A very tasty pasta salad, two kinds of deviled egg and apple turnovers for dessert. She was very impressed with her cooking :)
Bug doing bookwork.
Zed's favorite snack, a fried egg

My handsome little man Zeddicus Zool Zorander

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