Sunday, January 5, 2014

October in pictures

October is my favorite month, it is the Season of the Witch :) 
Pumpkin whoopie pies
We started the month out with some yummy baking. My Mom bought me a cool whoopie pie pan that are little autumn leaves and pumpkins and we had to try it out so we made pumpkin spice whoopie pies.
Missy had two puppies both little boys

The puppies cuddling with Rocket Meadows kitten

Chubbs Magoo
We had planned on selling the puppies as they are purebred miniature Dachshunds but Conner and Brewski bonded and he asked to keep him. He is working and contributes to the home so we had no problem with it. They were meant to be and are so close. So then there was just Chubbs Magoo :) he is such a cutie and wormed his way into my heart big time. I have decided to write some stories with him as the main character and he being my now muse he gets to stay ;) funny how that works eh!

Gonna make a quilt

Pine cone wars
 Always active the Minions are outside running all over the place. Pinecone wars have been a favorite this fall.
Time for some chemistry

Making fake fish eggs. She learned how to make a chemical bath. How to mix a solution and how calcium hardens things.
King Connaher is still studying crystals and designing grids
 We drove down to Lacombe about an hour from where we live to take in a huge Mineral and Gem show. It was awesome, we spent the day and really had alot of fun. They had alot of fossil specimens and very knowledgeable people working the show.
Fire agate
 We brought home so many crystals. I think we are starting to rival some museums when it comes to our collection. Here are a few of the beauties we bought at the show...

Nice piece of hand sized Brazilian Amethyst
Snake carved out of Unakite
 This piece was bought as a gift for the oldest, he was born in the year of the snake.
We picked up a few geometrical shaped pieces for adding the element of sacred geometry to our grids
 Mid October we planned an Aura sketch party. Willowtree and I were so impressed with our Aura Sketches and had talked about it for weeks. The rest of the family all wanted to get it done as well. I also had some friends that were interested and a couple of Hubbys work friends too so we decided to make it a PARTY! really any excuse to entertain and I am happy. We got to work decorating and making snacks. Of course it was Samhain themed.
Oreo Truffles
Fun dipped bread sticks. We did pretzels as well.

Willowtree making spider eggs
Spider eggs

Voodoo doll brownie
Bacon jalapeno deviled eggs. These were AMAZING!!

We put on quite a spread!! Our party was a huge success!
Willowtrees makeup for the party
The babies are growing so big
Some of our spooky decor
The Pumpkin patch
Half of the mantle
The other half of the mantle
My new pumpkins. I add at least one new item to the Samhain decorations each year
 Bugs kitten Rocket is getting big
Ogham sticks from the UK each Ogham stick is made from its corresponding wood. It will take me awhile to master them Willowtree and Bug are both very interested in learning how to use them.
New fancy switch plate for the front entrance way custom made for me by Druantia designs. I love it and think it goes great with my batty theme
Here you can see the new switch plate and above it a bit of the bat swarm that flies up the whole wall. I will have to get a pick of it sometime.
Sleeping Dachshund puppies are the cutest thing ever

Chubbs Magoo and Brewski Bear

Bug decided she wanted to be Snow White this year
Snow White and her heart
This is one of the creepiest things I have seen. It was at a house we trick or treated at. She giggled and sang and swang back and forth on the swing. Too Creepy!!

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