Thursday, November 7, 2013

August in pictures

August started with our annual get together celebrating Lughnasadh
A few days later a friend of ours dropped by with some surprises for Bug he had found down at the river. She found the crayfish fascinating and we learned all about exoskeletons,vertebrates and invertebrates. The Clam was a good reminder and a close up of something we had learned about a month before when we were at Sunwheel. The river there had clams and Bug got to see them on the bottom and the trails they left but none close up till now.

Daddy enjoying the sun on the back deck smoking his pipe

Another great thing about summer is Farmers market. We go whenever we can and on this trip I picked up an amazing local smoked Gouda. It was tasty, I served it with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden mmmmm food bliss.
We have been drying trays and trays of Calendula petals
Crystal prescription for a friend
 Botswana agate a rose quartz and two chevron amethyst. This was our Crystal prescription for a friend who is trying to quit smoking and deal with anxiety
Ferret love
We love Ferrets and had them as pets for a very long time. We have not had one for about six months now so when a friend of mine needed someone to watch her two ferrets while she went on vacation to Newfoundland we jumped at the chance. So for two weeks we had Ferrets to love and play with. It was awesome and we have told our friend anytime she needs Ferret sitters again we are happy to help.
New crystal grid for the ancestors

Found a new mushroom. We have quite a few of these ones growing in our woods. This one is edible but not palatable so we will leave them for the wildlife.

I finally found a small round pan to go with our crescent moon pans

Goddess symbol cake for Esbat
Making cupcakes
 Bug loves to bake and is getting very good at it. She has been trying more challenging recipes and getting creative. I always enjoy watching the Minions cooking skills evolve.

Bug made cupcakes and she filled them with jam and cheesecake.
Caramel seasalt brownies
 The Minions love bows. Zed was bit by the bow bug many years ago and he infected the whole family. They all love to practice.
A little friendly competition
Bug has great accuracy
King Connaher practicing his accuracy with the bow
Some ultimate frisbee
The Minions love to play hard
Zeddicus has a new shirt that tells it all..The Boss!!
Zed and his girlfriend wanted a kitten and Bug was promised one next time we found some. This is Merlin and Rocket. Rocket is Bugs baby
Dollar store mirror and a flower of life sticker
 I saw this awesome idea on Facebook for a permanent crystal grid, so I went to the dollar store and found a candle mirror for a buck then I ordered the flower of life sticker online and walla Epic crystal grid plate.
Finished crystal grid plate
Making spirit boxes
Dandelion spirit box
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 With everyone in the house working with crystals we need good places to keep them all. I found these neat tea boxes at the dollar store and bought a dozen to paint. The first one I did was for Jaspers. I gave the Minions each a few but kept enough to do one for each Agates Jaspers, Quartzs, Tiger eyes, and Fossils

We have had a nice summer learning the routine of the homestead and animals, it has been relaxing. Fall is coming tho and soon things will be hectic with harvest and canning and such so we are taking time now to relax and rest in the sun. I hope your summer has been relaxing as well.

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