Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mabon 2011

A few days before Mabon we were surprised by a visit from an old neighbor. She brought a gift of harvest bounty two overflowing bags of apples. Such a beautiful gift and very much in the spirit of Mabon, the harvest of fruits and vegetables. This gift of Apples means so much to us as Apples are a sacred symbol in our family
trad. I incorporated them into our Mabon feast

Roast Turkey~ a gift from my Mom at Lughnasadh
Roast Turkey
Savory apple and grape stuffing~ Grapes are a wonderful mabon symbol and we had these tiny champagne grapes so I used them instead of raisins in the stuffing it turned out awsome!
Cheesy smashed cauliflower
Steamed baby potatos with Turkey gravy
cranberry sauce
Stuffed squash
  grew the squash myself  :)
 and for dessert.....
Baked pears with an amaretto cream sauce...these were absolutely divine

We gathered with friends and family shared in the bounty of the earth and gave thanks.
Bountiful Blessings from our house to yours

and the rest of the apples they are being made into applesauce, apple pie filling and sour cream apple pudding.

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