Sunday, August 7, 2011

We Love Lughnasadh

I love Lughnasadh because I was born to, being born the eve of Lughnasadh.
The Minions love Lughnasadh for two reasons, The games and The God's sauce!

In our family tradition we have a ritual that reaches back into pre history that has been given a modern twist that has helped to make it a favorite.
Lughnasadh celebrates the first harvest with special significance given to grains and corn. We live in prairie country so this holiday has great significance to us and  having come from farmer stock this festival is deep in our roots. At Lughnasadh the God knows he has to sacrifice himself to the underworld for the dark time of the year and he starts to prepare. In order for there to be renewal He must be re-born. The people ensure this by taking part of the God into themselves. This was usually done in the form of bread baked into the shape of a man or phallus that was ritually torn apart and eaten.
Our Bread God

In our tradition we give homage as well to the potency of the Gods seed by adding an amazing sauce that the bread is dipped in. Now because my Minions have done this ritual since birth they understand the solemness of the ritual and do it with reverence. When introduced to new people it usually raises eyebrows and produces giggles. The minions look forward to Lughnasadh all year because of the incredibly yummy sauce :)

Bread God Sacrifice with a side of God Sauce for dipping

After the ritual it was time for The Games and they are always a favorite :) This year our games consisted of...

The Caber Toss
King Connaher with the Caber
  The Log Throw
King Connaher and his cousin doing the Log throw
  Hammer throw
The Bug doing the Hammer throw
Stone Put  
WillowTree about to do the Stone Put
Foot races 
The minions and Thier cousin doing foot races
Sword play

We feast at all of our celebrations. This year on the menu was Roasted Rosemary Chicken. Corn on the cob with fresh butter, Homemade bread, Cornbread and sweet bread and God sauce for dessert.
Fresh homemade bread and Corn bread
Roasted rosemary chickens

Like all of our celebrations we spent the day together as a family, strengthening our bonds with each other, our faith and our history. It was an amazing day!! 


  1. What fun... and delicious food! I must share this post with my own daughter. Thank you!

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